CISE Scholarships

CISE (Consortium of Information Systems Executives) has created a scholarship fund to immediately support students who are pursuing a career in information technology, computer science or engineering.
Four $3300 Scholarships available if you meet the following criteria:
Major: Information technology, computer science, or engineering.
Minimum G.P.A. : any
Completed EVC Units (minimum): any
*Current units enrolled at EVC: any
*Required units to be enrolled in the upcoming semester:
12 or more at EVC
Additional requirements: N/A
Essay topic: Explain why you chose your major/career.
This scholarship will be awarded half in the Fall and half in the Spring

Please do not include your name or student ID on your essay. You will be disqualified if you do.

Evergreen Valley College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Explain why you chose your major/career (1-2 pages)