The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship

The Association of Black Employees (TABE) Presents The George Floyd Scholarship:
The George Floyd scholarship provides a way to invest in a new generation of young scholars, poised and ready to be leaders in our community and our nation. The scholarship seeks to increase the number of disproportionately impacted students who will impact learning in a positive manner.

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship is a one-year, $500 scholarship awarded to one student at EVC each year. See qualifications below:

• Must be a regularly admitted student
• Must have a FAFSA submitted to determine financial need
• Be a United States citizen
• Required to join Umoja Community if selected as a continuing student. Must be an active Umoja student if a transfer student.
• Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.50
• Minimum Completed EVC Units after Fall : 6+
• Minimum Current Enrollment at EVC Spring : 6+
• Minimum Upcoming Fall Enrollment: 6+ at EVC or 4-year University
Most not be a recipient of the Breonna Taylor Scholarship
Please do not include your name or student ID# on your essay.

Evergreen Valley College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Essay: Please select one topic: 1. What is your definition of social justice and what place does it have in your life? 2. How have you contributed to your community? (1 -2 page essay)
  2. Are you a U.S Citizen?
  3. Did you submit your Financial Aid Applications (FAFSA)?