EVC Biology Scholars Program Scholarship

*Program Description *
Biology Scholars Program is an NSF-funded learning community at Evergreen Valley Colleges. This program provides mentoring and support from EVC faculty and local scientific community to help with college completion and transfer. Students that meet eligibility requirements may receive a scholarship of up to $10,000 over the course of four semesters.
*Biology Scholar Program Requirements *
• Enrolled in at least 6 units at EVC
• AS-T Biology or Natural Sciences major (Cannot be pre-health science)
• Enrolled in a prerequisite biology major course (physics, calculus, chemistry) or any biology class with an earned or current grade of B or higher.
• 2.5 GPA

*Requirements for receiving the scholarship: *
• Biology scholar requirements (see above)
• Must be a US Citizen, permanent resident, US national, or admitted refugee.
• Must complete FAFSA application by November 1st.

Evergreen Valley College
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a declared biology major at EVC?
  2. Are you enrolled in at least 6 units at EVC?
  3. How many semesters have you completed at EVC?
  4. Are you a U.S Citizen, permanent resident, U.S National, or admitted refugee?
  5. Have you submitted your current financial aid application (FAFSA)?
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